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What we accept: 

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Photography

We do not accept stories or poems that have been published in other literary works.

Fiction Guidelines: 

We accept short stories and flash fiction. However, we will not accept any submissions with excessive swearing or sexual content.  We expect the stories to take us on a journey with your characters. You can decide what that means.

Short Stories must end at 5,000 words. Anything more will not be considered.

Flash Fiction must be under 550 words.

Poetry Guidelines: 

The poetry can be about anything. Our only guideline is to not include any profanity or sexual puns in your work. We expect your poem to tug at our heart in one way or another. Again, you can decide how to do that.

Accepted Work:

If your piece has been accepted, we ask for Exclusive Rights on your piece until the next publication of Shadow Fiction.

Exclusive Rights ask that you do not send your story to any other magazine while your piece is being shown in our ‘Current Issue’. Once your story is no longer in the ‘Current issue’, you are free to submit it elsewhere as a reprint.


Currently, we’re unable to pay for pieces. However, we hope to be able to in the future.

To submit to Shadow Fiction, use the link below: 

Submit to Shadow Fiction

Track your submissions at Duotrope

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